Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do. Not only do our solutions help hospitals move away from paper-based processes, our corporate culture reflects a deep appreciation for our planet and a commitment to doing it no harm.

Our nonprofit partners

Carbon neutral

EverCheck is a carbon-neutral organization, meaning we offset 100% of our carbon output with renewable energy. Because of the scope of our business, these offsets are equivalent to:


Trees every year for 10 years


Cars from the road for 1 year


Barrels of oil

Conscious choices

Conscious marketing

When we purchase marketing items, we vet our vendors' materials and sustainability policies and opt for products that support sustainability, such as reusable straws.

Remote work

We support flexible, remote work and we give our staff the technology and tools to be productive from anywhere. This helps reduce the amount of time staff spend on the road, and thus, reduces our carbon footprint.

Safe working environments

The materials used to outfit our offices are safe and environmentally-conscious, such as no-VOC paint and green label plus carpet. Office maintenance such as pest control and janitorial services use only non-toxic, environmentally friendly products.

Local impact

EverCheck organizes and participates in beach cleanups and tree-plantings, and we volunteer our time with organizations such as Clean Green Earth! and the Northeast Florida Food Bank. We partner with a local companies to bring fresh, organic produce to our staff every week.

Alternative transportation

There are more options than personal vehicles to get around. Our Boulder team has access to a free public bus pass, and our Jacksonville offices have access to communal bikes to get them around during work hours. All offices are within walking distance to restaurants and other amenities.

Rooted in our values

Every decision we make is held against the standard of our core values, with “Think Green” being one of them. Because this way of thinking is so deeply entrenched in our company culture, everyone at EverCheck is an active participant in sustainability every day.

As global citizens, we must take care of the great resources we have been given, leaving the planet in a better place than we found it.

- Brian Solano Founder


We've learned that the success of our business is not hindered by our sustainability or social responsibility efforts. Rather, mindfulness is good for business. If you're interested in creating a similar program at your organization, take a look at the resources below to help you get started.

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