License verification

Trusted primary source verification

Get the kind of confidence in your license compliance that only comes with daily verification.

Daily is our standard

EverCheck's daily verification methodology is a proven safeguard against caregivers practicing when they are no longer qualified to do so based on the status of their licensure.

Automation at work

We've automated the verification process for hundreds of professions, and that number is steadily increasing. We act as a seamless intermediary between you and the primary source, closing information gaps and keeping you compliant.

Enterprise compliance insights

Get same-day visibility into critical changes like revoked licensure or disciplinary actions at an enterprise scale. Not only do you stay in compliance with regulations, but you also have gold-standard measures in place to protect your patients.

A source of truth for all license information

EverCheck verifies and monitors more than just state licensure. We're also able to verify national certifications, DEA registrations, and so much more. We can even track expiration dates for non-primary source credentials like heart cards. EverCheck is a reliable source of truth for all your caregivers' licensure.


Outsource labor-intensive verifications

Some boards don't have an electronic database. Others require a phone call or a fax request for verifications. In these instances, automation isn't possible, but that doesn't mean you can't keep one comprehensive record. EverCheck manually verifies these licenses at your request and maintains the information similarly to all other licenses in the platform.

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