EverCheck Wallet

Meet your caregivers where they are

Healthcare professionals use EverCheck Wallet as their digital keychain for licensure and credentials. They're able to send your team what you need for compliance from their smartphone or desktop.

Deliver better transparency

EverCheck Wallet shows your caregivers which licenses and credentials you have on record currently. Plus, they can clearly see what licensure is required for their role.

Receive updates electronically

EverCheck automatically requests new information and updates when needed. Your caregivers see these requests in their EverCheck Wallet Inbox and can fulfill them electronically from their smartphone or desktop device.


See clear insights into adoption

The Adoption report shows you which caregivers have synced their Wallet account with your records and which haven’t. This way, you can feel confident your caregivers are utilizing their app to its fullest extent possible.

Go paperless

EverCheck Wallet makes communication and information sharing a completely digital process. Even with physical licensure, caregivers can snap a photo or scan a copy of their license for you to review and approve.

EverCheck Wallet is available everywhere your employees are

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