A Full-Lifecycle Approach to Smart Healthcare Compliance

EverCheck HR ensures employees, contractors, and vendors are compliant, clear and safe to work. We've helped hundreds of healthcare organizations. We can help your healthcare HR organization too.

Primary Source License Verification

Capture Licenses Right at the Source

Go beyond point-in-time compliance checks to automate license verifications with thousands of boards and accrediting bodies.

Pre-hire License Verification

Talent acquisition teams can onboard faster with a toolset that collects, verifies, and monitors required licenses, certifications, and registries until their start date.

Post-hire License Verification

Ongoing daily verification of licenses, certifications, and registrations against federal and state primary source data to ensure that employees remain in good standing for work every day.


Ensure your HRIS is as up to date as the primary source

EverCheck integrates bi-directionally with most HR systems, allowing your HRIS to remain your source of truth for employee information. Optimize your operations by connecting to your human resources, workforce, credentialing, provider and payer network management systems.

Positions Manager

Track job-required licensure and requirements

Feel confident that licensed healthcare professionals have satisfied requirements specific to their roles.

A centralized repository for position data

By consolidating license requirements for all positions in your organization, you’ll have full visibility into your employees’ compliance status, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Better transparency for professionals

Automatically apply position requirements to licensed professionals who can see and fulfill these requirements in a self-service application, EverCheck Wallet.

EverCheck Wallet

Intuitive self-service app for employees

Empower your employees to import and update their license or credential information required for their position.

License management on the go

Always-on access for employees on a web browser or mobile device.

Easy to use for all professionals

EverCheck Wallet is easy to use. Your employees will thank you.

Exclusions Monitoring

Reduce Risk. Improve Compliance.

Verify whether your employees, contractors, or vendors are on a federal, state, and special use exclusions list.

Continuous Monitoring

We deliver the most up-to-date exclusion verifications by cross-referencing your employee and vendor roster with OIG LEIE, GSA SAM at the Federal level and all available State Medicaid Exclusion data.

Streamlined Process

Our secure, cloud-based platform means you'll organize all of your exclusions results in one spot for faster response and reconciliation.

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