The gold standard in enterprise license management

EverCheck HR is the only software solution where daily, automated license verification is the standard, not the exception.

License Verification

Verify licenses every day

Meet and exceed regulatory requirements with less work and trusted accuracy.

Continuous license monitoring

With daily verifications and automatic compliance calculations, you can feel confident in your caregivers' ability to provide patient care.

Automate the process

Our solution leverages automation to bridge the information gap between licensing boards, healthcare organizations, and caregivers.

Positions Manager

Track job-required licensure

Know whether caregivers have satisfied the license requirements specific to their roles.

A centralized repository for position data

Keep each position's license requirements for your entire organization consolidated in one easy-to-use system.

Better transparency for caregivers

Automatically apply position requirements to caregivers who can see and fulfill these requirements in EverCheck Wallet.


Greater visibility for leadership

Dynamic dashboards, reporting tools, custom export capabilities, and more. See important insights on an enterprise scale.


See the most important information at a glance. Our dashboards are dynamic and interactive, giving you plenty of flexibility to manage compliance your way.

Status reports

See a summary report of all licenses, certifications, and registrations by status and easily determine which caregivers are eligible to work.

Expiration date reports

See whose licenses are coming due for renewal, which of your caregivers have an expired license, and forecast upcoming renewal volumes.


A trusted system of record

Our Clear To Work® platform is your source of truth for caregiver license information.

View the licenses you track

Clearly see which licenses, certifications, and registrations you currently track for every caregiver in your organization.

Access PSVs on demand

Easily view and print any primary source verification you need to prove compliance during an audit.

Restrict access accordingly

Customize account access so that managers see only the caregivers' profiles relevant to their role.


Feel confident your caregivers are properly licensed from day one

EverCheck HR is a full-lifecycle solution, meaning you can apply our daily, automated verification process to your candidates, too.


Get same-day notification of important changes

The solution is built on redundancies. If critical changes in licensure affect a caregiver’s ability to work, you’ll receive a notification in your email inbox and in your EverCheck account the same day the verification process captured the change.

Exclusions Monitoring

Monitor the exclusions lists automatically

EverCheck automatically cross-references your caregiver/vendor roster with the various exclusions lists, eliminating false positives and leaving you with the most accurate information available.

The self-service app for caregivers to manage and submit their licensure

With EverCheck Wallet, your caregivers can see which licenses you currently track for their role and submit updates to your team digitally. Plus, they receive friendly reminders when it comes time to renew, helping them stay proactive and up to date.


Integrations to keep your other systems up to date

EverCheck integrates bi-directionally with most HR systems, allowing your HRIS to remain your source of truth for employee information. And because we verify with the primary source daily, your HRIS stays as up to date as the primary source itself.

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