A game-changing experience for candidates and recruiters.

Make a strong first impression on your candidates and verify licensure daily from the very beginning.

Never question what's required.

Standardized job requirements mean recruitment teams don't have to manually cross-reference a candidate's qualifications with requirements for the position.

See where candidates are in the hiring process.

EverCheck keeps track of what requirements have been submitted, which are still outstanding, and which require recruiter review. All activity is documented so it's easy to see how candidates are progressing through the hiring process.

Manage your pool of candidates with better insights.

The dynamic Prehire dashboard allows you to see your candidate population by start date, by issue, by the number of days in the system, and by hiring status. Drill into each widget to see lists of candidates who fit the categories.

Make your first impression count.

Candidates with access to EverCheck Wallet will automatically see what licenses and certifications are required for the job and can upload and submit the requirements from the app. EverCheck sends verified license data directly to recruitment teams to make faster, better-informed hiring decisions.

Integrate seamlessly with your applicant tracking system.

Connecting your ATS with EverCheck HR means fewer manual entries and updates. We'll know who we need to contact, which licenses need to be verified, and the candidate's hiring status without any additional effort on the recruiter's part.

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