Positions manager

A centralized approach to managing job-required licensure.

Know whether candidates and employees have satisfied the LCR requirements for their position automatically.

Streamline position requirements across the organization.

Positions Manager is a centralized source of truth for the licensure requirements for every position within your organization, and these requirements are automatically applied to every employee and candidate within your organization so you can easily see who’s clear to work.

Manage even complex positions.

Positions Manager is designed to withstand even the most complex requirement scenarios, including compact licensure, variations by location or department, internal transfers, and more.

Easily see when a candidate or employee falls out of compliance.

The platform calls out the most important information for you so you’re able to easily take action when a caregiver is no longer eligible to provide patient care.

Regulatory and organizational compliance, unite!

When you couple Positions Manager with daily primary source verification, you can feel confident that your employees have the active, valid licensure required for their roles at all times.

Be clear about what’s required.

Candidates and employees can easily see which LCRs are required for their roles from within their EverCheck Wallet account. Then, they can submit new licensure or updates to existing licensure as required to remain clear to work.

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