License verification 

A best practice approach to license verification.

Get the kind of confidence in your license compliance that only comes with daily verification.

Verify licenses daily.

Being proactive requires knowing now, not later. We verify licensure every day because critical changes in license status can happen any time. We'll notify you right away so you can take necessary actions immediately.

Automate the process.

License verification is automated for hundreds of professions, and that number is steadily increasing. We act as a seamless intermediary between you and the primary source, closing information gaps and keeping you compliant.

Gain insights & access to system-wide reporting.

EverCheck integrates data points across your department or organization to give you actionable, high-level insights into your compliance. See transcript totals by completion status, see an overview of how many transcripts are past due and coming due, and more.

More than just licenses.

EverCheck also monitors national certifications, DEA registrations, non-primary source credentials such as those furnished by the American Heart Association, exclusions lists, and DMV records.


Get manual verifications done when you need them.

Some licensing authorities haven't yet migrated to electronic databases. Since verification with these boards can't be automated, EverCheck's manual verification service means you can outsource and simplify license verification across all licensing authorities and maintain a comprehensive record.

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