Human Resources

Setting a higher standard for primary source verification.

The best practice approach to license verification and ongoing monitoring.

License verification

Verify licenses and certifications with the primary source every day, automatically.

Meet and exceed the requirements set forth by The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies with less work and better accuracy.

EverCheck Wallet

Candidates and employees have a better way to store and send licenses to your team.

EverCheck Wallet is a web and mobile app that gives candidates and employees a clear view of what licenses you're requesting from them and a simpler, digital way to send them to you.

Positions Manager

A centralized approach to managing job-required licensure.

Know whether candidates and employees have satisfied the LCR requirements for their position automatically.


Give candidates a better first impression with a seamless onboarding experience.

Prehire brings the simplicity of automated license and certification verification to the recruitment and onboarding process.


Keep a secure, digital record of primary source verifications for every employee.

Comprehensive employee profiles allow users to easily access important license and certification information any time, including during a regulatory survey.


Turn your organization's license data into actionable insights.

Comprehensive and dynamic reports give HR the insights they need to take action when it matters.

Renewal reminders

Empower your employees to renew on time, every time.

Let us know how often you want your staff to receive renewal reminders and what you'd like the emails to say. We'll handle the rest.

Exclusions monitoring

Take a low-touch, proactive approach to exclusions monitoring.

EverCheck cross-references the exclusions databases with your employee and vendor roster every month, automatically. We deliver the results in a way that's easier for you to take action where necessary.

DMV records

Feel confident you have the safest drivers on the road.

EverCheck verifies Department of Motor Vehicle records across 48 states and reports the license status, expiration date, and considerations like violations, accidents, and restrictions.


Integrate your systems of record seamlessly.

Eliminate the need to update your HRIS with license data or input candidate information into EverCheck. With our integrations, this transfer of data happens automatically.

Better together.

EverCheck HR is a powerful tool for Human Resources and Recruitment teams. When you combine HR with other EverCheck solutions, you get the most comprehensive compliance available.

Powered by Education + HR + Wallet

Track reported and required continuing education for license renewals.

Get a holistic perspective on where your employees stand in the renewal process.

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